In today’s society women are sluts, whores, ho’s, tramps, and any number of duragatory names.  It isn’t the dark ages, we aren’t subservient.  Today’s woman makes her own money.  She chooses her own path.  She is educated.  She has options.  We have options!

Despite the framework of society inside many of us, we are still wild.  Perhaps we’ve been beaten by society’s stereotypes of what a woman should be, but the flame is still there.  A handful of us wild women remain on the planet.  We are those women who want to feel the wind in their hair, ride our own motorcycle just to feel the speed, run naked in our backyards, keep our last names because we can.  We love life and we love living it.

Does that make us whores or sluts?  Because we run in sundresses through sand with no shoes are we wrong?  Because we have blue, purple or pink hair are we freaks?  No.  Does that mean we can’t have a family back home?  No.  Does that mean we want more than one man in our life?  Not necessarily.  It means we’ve tapped into into this zest for life we don’t want to just live our lives we want to DEVOUR them.

Many of us have been shamed by our wild natures, but they are nothing to be ashamed of.  Many of us wild women have been duped by the mistreating man.  The man who wants to tame us.  But taming us will just cage us and make everyone unhappy.  Have you seen a caged lion?  If you love a wild woman, love her and go along for the ride with her.  Her wild heart will take you on adventures you never would have dreamed.  However, know, that she’s wary because people have tried to tame her and cage her.  If she senses you are trying to do so, she will become guarded.

This site is for wild women and the men who love them!  Be anonymous, be not anonymous, be yourselves here.  If you want to share a story or picture from your adventures.   This is your story.