Love With The Wild Woman


I am a wild woman and I know I can be difficult to love.  I am independent, spontaneous, resourceful, and unconventional.  Even though I love you, I might not take your name if we get married because I’ve already got one and it fits me.  I might wear what makes me happy and not what society deems proper.  I might say things you don’t expect that most people wouldn’t say.

I may not act my age nor my shoe size.  I act how I feel and I love every second of life.  My theme song may be by John Cougar Mellencamp and involve life going on long after the thrill of living is gone.  I intend to keep that thrill alive every second I breathe.  That might mean today I want to go to a clothing optional club or perhaps randomly hike a mountain, but whatever blows in the wind I will want the man I love by my side.  Will you live life for it’s random experiences.

I’m confident, unexpected and full of joy.  The world holds wonders.  I might want to run naked across the back yard or kiss you deeply in the middle of a restaurant.  I am not a whore.  I only have eyes for you, but I believe life is to live, experience and drink like it’s a sweet nectar about to dry up.  Please don’t try to make me fit the standard other women have set for me.  I didn’t fit the mold when I was born and I still don’t.

If you love me, your wild woman, you will find joy in the adventures I bring in your life.  Sometimes I feel very deeply, as I am still woman, but other times I will hold my head high.  I have the warrior heart of a woman, deep with compassion and love, but strong with pain and protectiveness over those I care about.  I am an enigma wrapped in a mystery, sprinkled with some adventure and set at the edge of a precipice.